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Name:Khatima Tavakmanni
Khatima is a Kahjiit, or cat-folk, from the province of Elsweyr. She is, in addition, a Cathay-Raht: a sub-species of Khajiit rarely seen outside the tropical province. Known as "Jaguar-Men" for their immense size and strength, Khatima is taller and stronger than the largest Orcs. Raised in the hot desert sands of her home, Khatima is used to covering her face and head with hoods and masks. Her former association with the Dark Brotherhood only intensified this natural instinct to hide. Though she wears the armor of a Nightingale, Khatima is not bound to any contract with the Daedra Nocturnal. She wears the armor of her last great kill before her chapter of the Dark Brotherhood was destroyed by the Thalmor: a retaliation for contracts undertaken against the organization. Khatima has seen fit to hide in the armor and avoid both her remaining former Dark Brotherhood brethren, and the Thalmor.

With a rather fascinating discovery deep in subterranean Ayleid ruins, Khatima has sought to make her fortune, return to Elsweyr, and live happily: a series of gates, similar to the old Oblivion gates that Martin Septim had to deal with in the old days. These gates, however, seem even older, and many take her not to Oblivion at all, but strange worlds upon which Khatima can prey, exercising her larcenous abilities to collect unusual and unique artifacts.

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Khajiit, Daedra, The Elder Scrolls et al are copyright Bethesda Software. Mun and Muse are both over 18.
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